New yunohost install

Hello, I am installing another yunohost, on a network with a 4G modem, my ISP is doing NAT and won’t give me a public IP, what’s the best way to solve this problem? I can set a VPN in my router, will that help?

If you want to use a vpn you need a vpn provider that offers a public IP.
You can find many!

Take a look at - Homemade WireGuard VPN on a VPS server

if you use a VPN providers they must offer port forwarding.

I setup the VPN on my router(with openwrt), but I am getting same error as before, about all ports closed. And my dynDNS, that was working before, now gets an error too. I all try to fix the dynDNS first.

Hi jwqos, I dont really understand what you want to do here? I thought you would like a VPN-tunnel from your 2nd YH server to a VPN service, or am I wrong?
You mentioned the VPN on your router, is this a client or server? What should it achieve?

I am a bit lost on that indeed.The idea is to VPN-tunnel from my YH server to a VPN service. I have set the vpn on the router as my router offers that. But after doing so I have some errors on ports yet. Not sure how to proceed.
It’s a client VPN on my router, there’s the option to set as a server too.
Just found this page: VPN providers | Yunohost Documentation
my vpn is not there :unamused:

Ok, I would put my VPN client on YH server itself and not on the router. Im not sure why you want it on your router right now…?


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