New installation can not finnish postinstall


First of all the important thing the error log:

I am trying to install yunohost on an clean debian 8 updated to debian 9 but everytime I try I run into the same error. The reason I am doing it like this is that I am using a vps I have running somwhere till february and they do not offer debian 9 at the moment and all I wanna do just for now is run yunohost for testing purposes to see if it fullfills my needs to move to it or not.

Just a screenshot of the error when I login to yunohost

Uh okay, that looks weird ? Sounds like systemctl is broken somehow ? Or using a different version ?

If you still have your system running, what does systemctl show yunohost-firewall -p MainPID says ?

sorry took me some time but yeah i was in the end able to solve it