New Install of WordPress server

VPS bought online
YunoHost version: (stable)
I have access to my server :
Through SSH
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? :
Yes, I disabled ssh password authentication and enabled authkeys only.
If your request is related to an app, specify its name and version:
Wordpress 6.4.2~ynh2

Description of my issue

I have Yunhost server running on a VPS with 3GB ram and 55GB Disk space. I have SearcXNG and Matrix running successfully.

Today I tried to install WordPress which I expected should be one of the least complicated installs after doing the Matrix install. However at the very end it said it failed due to not having an AuthLdap plugin installed.

It looks like it was trying to install one but failed.

2024-03-08 20:18:15,036: DEBUG - + php8.2 /var/www/wordpress/wp-cli.phar --allow-root --path=/var/www/wordpress plugin install authldap
2024-03-08 20:18:15,984: WARNING - Warning: authldap: Plugin not found.
2024-03-08 20:18:15,986: WARNING - Warning: The ‘authldap’ plugin could not be found.
2024-03-08 20:18:15,987: WARNING - Error: No plugins installed.
2024-03-08 20:18:16,005: DEBUG - + ynh_exit_properly
2024-03-08 20:18:16,005: DEBUG - + [[ install =~ ^install$|^upgrade$|^restore$ ]]
2024-03-08 20:18:17,515: ERROR - Unable to install wordpress: An error occurred inside the app installation script

The full debug log is located at
This is running on the correct Debian 11 as required by Yunohost.

Any ideas or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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I have the same problem and it seems that authldap plugin has been closed as of March 7, 2024 and is not available for download. authLdap – WordPress plugin |

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It looks like this is a major issue for the app. Issue to follow on the app’s repo: authldap plugin is deprecated · Issue #235 · YunoHost-Apps/wordpress_ynh · GitHub


Thank you for the quick replies.
And direction to the issue status.

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