New CalcKey install doesn't serve data

My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS
YunoHost version:

repo: stable
repo: stable
version: 11.1.10
repo: stable
version: 11.1.4
repo: stable
version: 11.1.4

I have access to my server : SSH/webmin

Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no
If your request is related to an app, specify its name and version: calckey version:

Description of my issue

Greetings, programs!

I recently installed CalcKey to give it a trial. The install reads as successful – log here:

The app shows as running but when accessed returns a 502 error. NGINX log shows:

2023/06/22 02:27:46 [error] 9469#9469: *13859513 connect() failed (111: Connection refused) while connecting to upstream, client: xx.xx.xx.xx, server:, request: "GET / HTTP/2.0", upstream: "", host: ""

CalcKey journal shows this, repeating:

Jun 22 02:19:41 npm[31938]: (node:31938) ExperimentalWarning: Import assertions are not a stable feature of the JavaScript language. Avoid relying on their current behavior and syn>
Jun 22 02:19:41 npm[31938]: (Use `node --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)                                                                                 
Jun 22 02:19:43 npm[31938]: (node:31938) ExperimentalWarning: Importing JSON modules is an experimental feature and might change at any time                                        
Jun 22 02:19:50 npm[31454]: ERR  *        [core cluster]        [11] died :(

Clearly something isn’t running that should be, but the error output is limited, as can be seen. Anyone have any ideas?

Not really :confused:

Can you share the output of service calckey status ?

ping @oufmilo

I can but it’s not helpful, it just shows the service as running because it only cares about the Master process (which is fine), not the workers (which are not).

I did some digging through the code – the problem is the worker processes are dying as soon as they’re spawned. The pertinent errors were in /var/log/messages, not the application logs, to wit:

Jun 23 20:04:59 myhost kernel: [81392.870690] traps: Calckey (worker[225232] trap invalid opcode ip:7f26d2cc68d3 sp:7ffdfe003ed0 error:0 in[7f26d2ab3000+a42000]

Unfortunately this is beyond my abilities to troubleshoot, as it seems the problem is deeper in node and not the app per se. The few search hits the error brings up don’t have a resolution, so I’ve gone as far as I can go.

Maybe we need to open an issue in Calckey repository (if it’s not possible for you, maybe in Yunohost Calckey repository instead ?) to ask them for help ?

Yeah I did that. I should probably mirror it to the Yuno Calckey too. Unfortunately, this issue was raised there a year or so ago and closed as unresolved.

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That’s this one ? #10352 - [Bug]: Workers die with trap invalid opcode - calckey -
Thanks !

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