[Need your feedback!] The 'help' page : how shall we integrate the chat?

I’m wondering about how to rework the help page: https://yunohost.org/#/help

Currently we display the chat in an iframe. This is good as it may drive the entry cost low : you don’t have to install a client or open another page to join the chat. On the other hand, I suspect that it might be confusing because if you go “back” or click on a link on the page (or in the iframe as well?) you implicitly leave the page and therefore the chat … Also because the iframe is big, you may not see the “Forum” and other infos below the iframe.

One alternative can be to have a button that points to https://kiwiirc.com/nextclient/irc.freenode.net/yunohost like we do for the “Contact the dev” below. That will make the other info more visible, the kiwiirc interface is much better than what I remembered (maybe they improved it since then) and that’s in a dedicated tab so maybe less confusing for the user than an iframe ?

Do you have any thoughts and experiences about this page ? What do you think we should do ?


Heres my two cents.
Put the link to the forum above the iframe with some text saying “if you dont want to join the forum just to ask a few questions you may ask in our irc below”. But somewhere in there it ahould be noted that if they leave that tab the rooms connection is lost so to do anything more they need to open a new tab.
Then stick the bug reporting stuff below the iframe.
IMO it would look nicer (especially on mobile) since the iframe renders bigger than the forum button.
Ideally, personally I would like the irc connection to pop out into its own window.

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Just stumbled upon this, here are some other two cents, maybe a bit late:

I experienced what you describe @Aleks about the chat iframe being confusing and big, and making it more likely to miss the information bellow (in fact, in my browser, the iframe is just blank, so it’s seem that there’s nothing after the “Pro tips…”).
It seem to me more confusing to have the chat in that page, I would find more intuitive to have on a help page simply links to useful resources (forum, chat…).
I also agree with @unklebonehead about having the forum before the chat. IMHO forum is the first resource for help (it’s such a precious and great tool), then chat, and after issues and bugs.


I’ve been speaking with @Aleks and @Bram on #yunohost about the help page, trying to understand 1) what kinds of support people need and when, and 2) what is the preferred route for people to get that support?

I’ve done some designs based on the discussions, and I’d like to get some feedback here.

The yellow “post-its” on the left hand side of the image show the thinking behind the design decisions.

If you have thoughts, please give the reasoning, so that I understand your thinking. :+1:

Apologies for the “trial” watermark - I’m travelling and don’t have access to my normal work machine!

(Here is a link to the image: