Need support with new app: Mailpile (privacy-aware email web client)

Dear Yunohost community,

I started to create a Yunohost package of Mailpile. The current state of my work can be found in my according GitHub repository.

I have brought it to a point, where you should need basically one command to install and start the whole thing as daemon (check the repo link for documentation). I have tested it successfully on my raspy with Yunohost installed and additionally on a recent Linux Mint amd64 workstation. My problem is to set up a nginx configuration which is also compatible with Yunohost. Therefore I have to make a proper Yunohost application package – which is too much for me basically.

It would be nice if anybody here could at least give me a detailed step-by-step list of what exactly is left to do in my case, since I have a hard time understanding the documentation for app packaging.

Thanks and best

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I had a quick look to your repository, there isn’t too much to do to have a “regular” YunoHost package.

Did you add a look to the example app ?
And, if you have any difficulties with the documentation, it would be really interesting to know where and why, so we could improve it, or try to.

About nginx, since mailpile is running its own http server, as you did in your nginx configuration, you have to use nginx as a reverse proxy.
The only problem I see is on the 2 first lines, you ‘location’ will trig only ‘/path/’ and not ‘/path’ and the rewrite rule after will never been used, because it trig only ‘/path’.

If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to come and ask your questions on our chat room or here

Thanks for your answer . I will dig into this over the weekend and let you know.

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hello, also me I Am interested in Mailpile.
at this point, may I will install it on my server?

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