Need help to repair mopidy_ynh

I have put a soundcard to the raspberry, on which my YunoHost server is running, so that it can locally play my MP3 collection. I wanted to use Mopidy to control the device because it plays external streams in addition to local audio files.
However, the YunoHost scripts for mopidy don’t work and are apparently no longer maintained.

That’s why I created my own fork to make it work again. It took longer than expected, but now most of it is working again - sufficient for my purposes.

If interested, I would like to bring the project back into a state in which it can be used by other users as well.
But since I’m quite a beginner, I would need the support of the experts.
The current state:
Scripts for install, remove, backup and restore are running. But I’m not sure if I did everything right.

So far I haven’t bothered to the upgrade-script. I could imagine that it depends on how two versions differ from each other ??

In any case, I would be happy if I could contribute a little to the progress of the YunoHost-project, after having benefited greatly from your work so far.


Sounds cool :+1: !

The best way to move forward is probably to create a pull request so that we can run the automatic test suite on your fork/branch and spot any obvious issue.

I don’t know how familiar you are with git / github, otherwise there may be some tips here. In any case don’t hesitate to come say hi and ask questions directly in the app packaging room (c.f. this page)

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Sorry for the delay, I’ve been busy for the last week
But now I’m back
I made a new, clean version as a fork of the original YunoHost app and created the pull request.
I don’t have a lot of experience with github.
If I did something wrong, please let me know.

I would like to finish this project.
An automatic test was carried out some times and there were also some review comments.
I considered everything as far as I could. If there is anything else I can do, please say so.
Otherwise I would like to ask you to merge my fork and official one.

Without any feedback, it’s a bit frustrating.

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Let’s merge to testing and test. ok?

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@swinter I have added you as maintainer for Mopidy. You should have received an invitation.

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Thanks for the invitation, which I am happy to accept.
As a newcomer, however, I will initially have a few questions. I hope for the support of the experts:

First of all I would like to start the automatic test for the app so that it can get a quality level. Unfortunately, the website on the subject of CI is not available or not up to date.
Can someone explain what to do.

To test a pull request on the dev CI server, you reply !testme to the pull request. Once you push your changes to master, the production CI server will start a new test job automatically.

Thanks for the answer!
But it does not seem to be sufficient.
I created this PR and used the magic word in various places. But I can’t find a current test run here.
Perhaps I am missing an additional authorization?

I was invited to be the maintainer for the app, but I have the role of “Collaborator” in github.

Or have I misunderstood your hint?

You need to be a member of the “YunoHost-Apps” organization on GitHub. I started a test for you in the meantime (YunoRunner for CI). @Aleks

Indeed, I invited you @swinter to the Yunohost-Apps organization :wink:

Thanks to everyone who supported me kindly.

The app now passed CI tests.
I finally created a PR to set mopidy as working in apps.json
I hope that 's correct