Need help in joining yunohost support chat

Can someone help me on how we can join the chat for yunohost support or apps? I was trying to use but unable to join the channel. the other link gives a popup error “x-strophe-bad-non-anon-jid” and was unable to join.
Tried with different browsers but no success.
Kindly help. :slight_smile:

Using the embeded chat on help page connects you to #yunohost chatroom (if you have an error Blocked on a red square, it might be because you are using a vpn or something similar), but this room only accept SSL connection, so you need another client (Konversation on linux is nice) that can handle SSL connection with freenode server (you also need to edit the server list to change freenode server port to 7000, see )

The other way is to use an XMPP account (on any server) with any client, and join the support room on server

(btw it looks there’s more people on irc chatroom than xmpp chatroom)

And i didn’t try matrix, sorry :blush:

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