registar api

I have setup domain and system has recognised it.
Also it refers to link below which doesnt Exist

YunoHost automatically detected that this domain is handled by the registrar namecheap . If you want, YunoHost will automatically configure this DNS zone, if you provide it with the appropriate API credentials. You can find documentation on how to obtain your API credentials on this page: (You can also manually configure your DNS records following the documentation at DNS zone configuration | Yunohost Documentation )

What should i enter in those fields below?

  1. Login to your Namecheap account.

  2. Go to the Profile > Tools menu.

  3. Scroll down to the Business & Dev Tools section. Click on MANAGE next to Namecheap API Access.

  4. Toggle ON/OFF, read our Terms of Service, enter your account password.

  5. After enabling API access, you will be allotted an APIKey. Your Namecheap account username will act as API username. Your access to the API is authenticated using these elements.


I know i am using namecheap api 9 years. I dont know what should i enter in fields:
Authentication token
(i entered my namecheap API key)
(i enter my username)
(i enter my IP of server where yunohost installed)
(i dont know what is this)

I missed that part :

Namecheap Environments
We have production as well as test server environments. The test server environment is called sandbox. You are advised to signup for a free account in sandbox, enable API access and test all your API calls on the sandbox environment before pointing your application to production. To point an application to production, you need make only minor changes. In most cases, you simply need to change the service URL, APIusername and APIkey.

So it seems you need to register for a sandbox account

I have both already, im using it without problems 9 years. I have before setup namecheap with yunohost. But now it doesnt work, or i am entering something wrong

Hi Insha,

Welcome to the forums!

Looking at your screenshot, that is the only box that is not red/pink. Is it active/in focus, or is it optional?

I have no experience with Namecheap, and my registrar is not API-supported, but Iā€™d guess the mechanism will use sandbox if available, and use the production register by default.

Can you continue when you leave the sandbox-box empty?

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It not optional. I cant continue

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