Mysql Service name to be changed to Mariadb in latest yunohost

When we install the latest yunohost and then login as admin and check the services, we could see the word “mysql” in the list of services. however when checked in the server, it is actually mariadb that was installed.
As some applications emphasis to use mariadb instead of mysql, the easy way for the developer to understand and to know is to name it exactly what we have.
Thus i believe renaming the word “mysql” to “mariadb” would be appropriate in the services list.

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It would be more appropriate to discuss this in the issue tracker,, than here, especially not in the ‘Installation’ category …

My personnal opinion on this is that YunoHost users/admin are not developers. If it’s obvious for them what mysql/mariadb is, then they are already advanced users.

From the feasibility point of view, considering all the places where we have “mysql” written in place of “mariadb”, this looks to be like really a risky manipulation versus what it brings …