My user in admin group doesn't have ssh access

I just updated to the latest yunohost version.
The changelog says that a new group for admins is created, and that my main user (that is not the default admin) will be added to that group.
So far so good, all that is true. However it also says that such user will have access to the server via SSH, but that is not the case. I can still login with the old admin user through ssh, but I can’t login with my admin user.

How should I proceed? is there any official way of doing it or I can just use the old linux way?

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Same here…

So could it be that for example you tweaked the SSH config manually and therefore it did not automatically get updated ? x_x

I don’t think I did that prior to yunohost install. Probably did it before (using my vps provider to copy my rsa key)

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