Music library not recognized by lidarr

Hi there, i’ve installed lidarr because i absolutly love -arr apps, but my whole library ends up in unmapped files when i import a new root folder. However i found two (terrible) workarounds :

  • defining a single artist’s folder as a root folder : lidarr sees all albums and tracks and is able to fetch and download the missing ones
  • manually adding each artist to lidarr when the root folder is /yunohost.multimedia/share/music

Both are absolutly unpractical but i’m guessing they prove it is not a file tagging issue (library was put through musicbrainzpicard to correct a previous navidrome issue) but rather a lidarr problem… A similar issue was mentioned in a github issue on the upstream app but no solution was added.

Ok seems that it really is a tagging problem. It’s weird because i tagged everything before putting it on the server but anyway, is there an app that the server can run to tag audio files ? I don’t want to suffer endlessly by using musicbrainz on remote files or downloading everything, tagging and reuploading.

So anyone got any tagging solution ?

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