Multiple select when deleting backups

Greeting one and all…

I’m not a developer but I am and active user of YNH. This is a request for discussion or just something to shoot down, so bear with me.

I have regular backups happening to a USB drive. Every Sunday I use the backup tool in the YNH GUI and I delete old backups. This can number quite a lot of backups, as not only do I do a daily mail backup, a full backup on a Saturday night and apps get backed up as new upgrades become available. I use a CRON job for the system and mail backups. No I don’t use Restic or Borg. I have never been able to get these to work as I want and there is no GUI for those of us who want it to be simple. My current strategy works well for me and my limited knowledge.

Would it be possible to have a multiple item delete function? a checkbox next to all of the backups that you want to get rid off in one hit rather than one at a time.

If the check box is there next to each entry and you start to select more than one item, the restore button gets grayed out so that you can only delete what you have selected.

As I say, I’m not a developer and I’m grateful to all those that make YNH available to us. It’s just thought.

I’m ready to be told its nonscense what I’m asking for !!!

Best wishes


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