Multiple instances for Borg?

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Orange PI Armbian
YunoHost version:

Description of my issue

I recall that it was possible to setup multiple instances of Borg. I already have one instance backing up to an external drive and want to setup another to backup to a little server in my shed to save me some time walking drives back and forth and rsyncing every week.

When I tried installing a new instance, it wrote over the configuration of my existing instance and did not create a new instance.

Should it or will it be possible to create multiple instances?

You want to backup stuff on your YuNoHost server to multiple borg repos, or backup other stuff to borg repo(s) on your YuNoHost server?

I would like to backup my main Yunohost server to two different repos: One is an attached drive and the other is a remote server in my shed. This accomplishes a 3/2/1 backup strategy. If I was able to create two different instances of Borg backup on my server, I would be able to do this.

It should work: is used it with 2 borg (bog and borg__2). What means “it wrote over the configuration of my existing instance” ?

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I know it’s possible to do with Borgmatic:

I haven’t tried Borg on YuNoHost yet, so I can’t say how the interface looks for that, but Borg(matic) certainly supports it.

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I tried again, and this time it worked as expected to create a new instance. :grinning:

I don’t know what happened last time and generally avoid repeating the same thing hoping for a different result.


May be a bug due to the data fill during the install, it’s possible the backup passphrase should not contains some chars…

Thanks for your willingness to help. I don’t know what happened. Sorry for the false alarm.

I now have offsite backup using my old RPI powered up in the shed across the yard within WIFI range. Borg is doing a weekly backup there.

I have an external drive connected to my main server in house. It is managed by both Nextcloud and Jellyfin. Because Borg doesn’t include it, I chose to sync it with my shed server using Syncthing.

Now I no longer need to walk discs back and forth every week. :grinning:

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