Mozilla MOSS funding opportunity at FOSDEM 2020

For anyone going to FOSDEM, there is a funding opportunity from Mozilla MOSS.

Money & Mentorship: Open Source ‘Speed Dating’ & Support Awards at FOSDEM 2020

Do you need financial support to advance your open source technology project? Would feedback from open source experts help take your project to the next level? Join the Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS), The Ford Foundation, Indeed, Open Collective, and Simply Secure at FOSDEM 2020 for our 2nd Open Source Speed Dating event!

On Saturday, February 1 we’ll be organizing: ‘Speed Dating’ sessions with Open Source Experts. Share your project, get feedback and advice from established leaders in the field, and have the chance to win $10,000 USD seed awards from open source funders.

Apply to participate by filling out this application

If your project is selected to pitch, you’ll receive an email in advance of the event with an assigned timeslot for your pitch and additional details.


The Open Source Speed Dating event will take place on Saturday February 1st, 2020 from 5-7pm in Brussels.

You will be assigned a 15-minute slot to pitch your project to a panel of 3-4 open source experts.

You’ll have 5 minutes for your pitch and then 10-15 minutes for the experts to ask you questions and offer feedback.

After all the pitches have been completed, the panel of experts will meet privately to determine which projects will receive seed awards of up to $10,000 USD each.

No pitch decks needed! No slides to be power pointed! No bloopers from live demos that invariably hiccup!

We will provide the old school of paper and pencils — you bring your work, your vision, and your ideas.

Tell us how $10K USD could help your open source project.

All participants are expected to adhere to Mozilla’s Community Participation Guidelines.


Project Description (2 minutes): Introduce your open source project. You should include your mission statement; information on your project’s history; where the project source code is published and how it is licensed; a description of what the project has contributed or hopes to contribute to the open source ecosystem; and description of your core team and contributors.

Goal (1 minute): Describe the key change or improvement you hope to achieve with seed funding of $10,000 USD.

Activities (1 minute): Describe the 1-3 key activities you will undertake to achieve your goal and what, if any, deliverables (i.e products of your activities) will result from these activities.

Impact (1 minute): Describe the impact that $10,000 of seed funding will have on your project and/or community overall.


If you are selected to receive a Seed Award, you will receive a provisional award notification with next steps via email by February 14th. All awards are pending due diligence and subject to legal review.

If you are interested in pitching, then please apply here.

Please share this opportunity with whoever you would like to.

Full details are available.

Full disclosure: I’ve been asked to help out with this event. I do not get any funding, or financial support for my involvement in the event.

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