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Description of my issue


I dont have it yet, but I’m about to receive a Dell PowerEdge R210II rack server, from a buddy. I know that I can just “give it a go” and see if YNH will work on it. I guess it will, but I’m just asking here if anyone has had or has a YNH on a rack server, this one in particular, and what might be the pitfalls.

The one I’m getting is well over spec, 16gig of ram 2 x 1TB hard drives, E31230v2 CPUs, and so on. I was hoping to RAID 1 YNH onto the second disk but reading around here it might be beyond my limited knowledge, but that’s another subject. (I currently do a full backup every other day as it’s on a VM on a QNAP NAS and is part of the NAS backup.)

I like the idea of getting my YHN off the NAS as the memory is restricted to 3gig VM, there is only 8 in the NAS. I have a lot of domains on my YNH server and several apps with only six users.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone with a rack server who has YHN running and what I should or shouldn’t do.

Many thanks


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