Moving - personnal experience

Hi, I’m using YunoHost for some time now, and am part of the project team (mostly as translator and i18n related subjects).

As I just moved, here is my feedback about what I did, and how it went. Please note my personal experience (as any self-hosting one) is heavily connected to my setup :

  1. ISP: Free.
  2. Server: x86_64, an old PC
  3. Domain: personal, bought in OVH (registrar)

Before moving, once you know where you’ll move:

  • check if optic fiber is available, call you ISP to make sure it is available! My building has optic fiber but Free can’t use it… --> ADSL…
  • ask for previous inhabitant names, anyway, you’ll also need it for electricity,
  • connect to your administration panel in Free and ask to move your line. You’ll have both line until the end of the month,
  • makes whatever backups you’ll feel like needed.

Once in your new home:

  • connect you internet router (we’re use to say Box here), and wait for ADSL synchronization
    • I made my move request on February 7th, and got my line activated on February 16th. This is slow…
  • check your IPv4 IP with
  • change your DNS settings in your registrar (here OVH), with the new IPv4
  • connect to your server web admin, and go in Domain name then your domain and read the suggested configuration. You’ll get your public ipv6.
  • change your DNS settings in your registrar (here OVH), with the new IPv6
  • connect to your administration panel in Free and enable SMTP

All missed emails came after a few hours, nothing was lost, every synchronization services (sms, contacts, agenda, etc.) worked fine too.

Issues I had:

  • I forgot to enable SMTP, no big deal, emails are sent once you fix it, you’ll just wonder for a few hours why nobody notice your emails :wink:
  • My IPv6 was misconfigured and it tool several minutes to connect through ssh or thunderbird…

Ssh can help you for this, just use ssh -v admin@yourdomain.tld and it will show you the network part.


I had a weird issue with Roundcube after moving, I fixed it with a regen of dnsmasq

As much as i know it seems that you colud have problems if you have to wait from February 7th to 16th.
Because it seems more than 4 days is a long time without connection for your mail server.
Email servers send message, but for a few days if your mail server is unavailable for to long time the emails are lost.

I agree with the fact we can loose emails if the server is disconnected for too long.

In my situation, I knew my new address the 7th, made my move request to my ISP the same day. But I really disconnected my server the 13th.