Move package repro and add CI


How can i move my repro to and how can i activate CI runs?

In your repo’s settings, at the bottom, you can Transfer to a new organisation, namely YunoHost-Apps. The CI runs are automated once your app is listed in YunoHost/apps/apps.json. Though you may need to wait a week? Not sure


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Ah, ok. Is the workflow to send pull requests and somebody must merge them?

I can transfer it now and then fork it, to work on it and create pull requests?

If you transfer it now I can then take 2 seconds to give you back full right access, no need to PR from your own fork. :wink: Bear in mind, the best practice is to develop in the testing branch and PR into master. But if your app is still being worked on, that will be tolerated I guess. :slight_smile:

I get this error:


Oops, I had to invite you to join the organisation first. :wink:

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How can i activate ?


It should be automated, along with the CI. :wink:

So i have just to wait? Before it generally start or is there no CI run on every commit?

I concede it is not crystal clear about that point, but you can have a read into the documentation and the other pages too. :wink:

The automated CI are triggered only when you merge into the default branch specified in apps.json. But there can be is a long queue. :wink:

If you want to have intermediary tests for debugging, then you can use a VM with package_check or use the dev CI mentioned in the page Iinked.

Ah! That’s it. It was wrong configured by me. Current branch was main but i switched to master

I correct this in (Pull is merged now)

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Currently it looks like this:

How can i activate ARM platform and the other stages?!?

As I said, it is all automated. ARM test is already scheduled, while testing and unstable tests seem to be offline. Not your fault. :wink:

You can click on the x days ago link to go to the CI runner websites and see their status. The ARM tests are quite slow, since they are run on a couple of RPi, I think.

Hm. Okay…

The whole CI is so slow. It’s not really a continues thing :wink:

Hope it’s soon possible to get a faster pipeline, but for this topic we have already a thread here: Package-check usage in a virtual machine?!?