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Bonjour à tous,

J’ai un problème avec mes mots de passe en ce moment. J’ai installé Keepass sur mon ubuntu.
Cela a très bien fonctionné. Mon mot de passe admin Yunohost est gardé par keepass depuis quelques mois.
C’est sans compter sur un crash de la base de donnée. Mes mots de passes sont inaccassibles.
Alors j’essaye de les modifiers un par un.
Mais il n’y a pas de boutons pour récupérer son compte sur Yunohost.

Sauriez-vous comment faire ?
Si vous avez une idée aussi pour kee pass : l’erreur dit que le fichier est probablement corompu.

Vous remerciant par avance


En ce qui concerne le mot de passe admin, ce fil de discussion ?

Bon courage

(Sorry for replying in English, I hope that is OK)

Where is your Yunohost running? Is it on another computer at home, or on a VPS?

  • At home:
    • if you still remember the root password, you can log in as root after connecting the computer to a screen and a keyboard. Root can change the admin password
    • If you do not remember root password, disconnect the hard disk and connect it as internal disk to another computer, or as external disk with a USB adapter. You will probably still have to access it as root, but then you can reach the /yunodisk/etc/shadow file and clear the password
  • At remote VPS:
    • Usually there is an option to use VNC to reach your VPS. You still need to log in as root (that is why you need VNC instead of SSH), but usually you can also reset the root password via your VPS control panel.

First thing to do after making a backup of your Keepass file: enable SSH public key log in. Do you know how to use ssh-copy-id?

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your reply. Sorry I don’t speak english very well.

I wait to be at home at christmas to change this password. I haven’t got any VPS connexion.

I keep you to news (?? That’s correct english ? )

Best regards

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