[Moodle] The world's open source learning platform

I have updated the Moodle app to version 3.5.1. Right now there is no update script. It will be available in few days. But of course you can install the latest version of Moodle.

Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.

Moodle is widely used around the world by universities, schools, companies and all manner of organisations and individuals.

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New testing release available :tada:

sudo yunohost app install https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/moodle_ynh/tree/testing --debug
sudo yunohost app upgrade moodle -u https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/moodle_ynh/tree/testing --debug
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New master release available :tada:

  • 25 Fabruary 2021 #32
    • Upgrade to version 3.10.1
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