Monitoring bot traffic on yunohost?

Anyone have tools to recommend for monitoring internet traffic and possible bot attacks on your yunohost server? Is netdata the best option, or any other recommendations?

We’ve been running yunohost on an intel nuc on a home network connection with 40mbps download and 11mbps upload with just a couple of applications installed (etherpad, nextcloud), using a yunohost nohost domain.

At first things were working well, but after a couple weeks, we are starting to see intermittent slowing down and failure of the etherpad. Sometimes its working, but every hour or so it will stop being responsive for a period.

I have a (possibly paranoid) suspicion that bot traffic may be the source of the issue. Also because the diagnosis warned that it was seeing an unusual number of failed authentications and asked if fail2ban was configured properly (we haven’t changed anything, so I imagine it is)

I’m looking for more monitoring tools to try to detect any pattern when the etherpad stops working, or other ideas