Monica 502 Bad Gateway

Hello all!

When I try to open Monica via the web menu I get an error.

I would be grateful for any tips about where my setup might be going wrong. :crossed_fingers::purple_heart:

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Old computer - Mac Mini circa 2014

YunoHost version: 11.1.19 (running on VM via VirtualBox)

I have access to my server :

  • Through SSH

  • through the webadmin

  • direct access via keyboard / screen

Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : No

Description of my issue

What you are trying to achieve

I am trying to get Monica app to work

The context

I installed Monica a few months ago and was using it fine.

However today I get a 502 bad gateway error.

What I tried

Attempt 1:

Based on advice in the error message, I checked Tools/services.

In the admin GUI, in Tools/Services there are all green ticks, no errors. But Monica is not listed as a running service.

Attempt 2:

I read the remaining forum posts about 502 Bad Gateway errors, and none seemed to apply to this issue.

Attempt 3:

I SSH into Yunohost and looked through the help manuals related to app instructions. I was looking for something like ‘restart’, but couldn’t find anything.

Returned error message.

502 Bad Gateway

If you see this page, your connection with the server is working but the internal service providing this path is not responding.

Administrator, make sure that the service is running, and check its logs if it is not. The Services page is in your webadmin, under Tools > Services.

Thank you for using YunoHost.

My questions are:

  • what is the command to start Monica?
  • are there commands I can use to diagnose why this issue arose? If there are, what do you recommend?

Thank you for reading! I hope you can help, and that any resolution can support others. :pray::rainbow:

not much help but this happen to me 2 days ago … i just uninstall re-install 4 times… and removed the trialing /monica to /

also after installing the 2nd time i crashed every other apps access to internet with bad gateway and had to reboot and uninstall then reinstall it was so crazy

Omg! Thank you for letting me know your experience @KaraDanvers .

I’m going to cross my fingers someone has another suggestion. :grimacing:

After updating all my apps to v2 packages, and updating Yunohost to 11.2 today, I now suspect this is an issue related to Yunohost 11.2 and the v1 package of Monica not being compatible.

Monica was not listed as a package to update, which tells me it is still on v1, and may no longer be compatible. :sob: OR
It could be that one of my very messy changes to my setup in the last few months broke something in Monica.

But my current plan is to reinstall Monica now I have 11.2 running and see if I can get it working as @KaraDanvers has. Hopefully not four times tho! :crossed_fingers:

I foolishly did not make a backup of my Monica data, so I will lose it all. :face_with_peeking_eye: Please don’t be like me in this.

not sure why its not working for you. i do notice when testing yunohost on some devices, some apps are limited by memory, cpu and space. it could just be the device you are on.

so many reasons why but all you can do is keep trying.

maybe try to install it on another device, back it up and restore on that device its not working with.

Hmmm, good reflection @KaraDanvers . I’ll keep experimenting, and post back here when I have success. :crossed_fingers: