Mod_pastebin in metronome

I have a problem with configuring mod_pastebin in metronome
When i have a longmessage metronome creates a link like this http://muc.mydomain.tld:5290/pastebin/d78bd0da-ad4b-4d6c-a79a-90d60240ed52

The problem is that when i try to open the link i get a time out error.
I think i have to configure some other things but don’t know what.
I already tryed to open port 5290 without success.
Can someone help me further please?


I finally managed it to work.
I had to change the lines

– HTTP server
http_ports = { 5280 }
http_interfaces = { “*”}

https_ports = { 5281 }
https_interfaces = { “*”}

and add certificate settings:

https_ssl = {
certificate = “/etc/yunohost/certs/”;
key = “/etc/yunohost/certs/”;

The porblem now is that i am not able to get a letsencrypt certificate.
I tryed to edit my /etc/hosts file with
but without success.

Maybe someone knwos how to help me further

Soved now.
I accidentally removed the nginx conf file.

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