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Description of my issue

I understand that there is a category on the forum for releasing nohost.me domains, which I have done but I have a further problem which I didn’t think that that category was the right place. If this is the wrong place I’m sure I’ll be told! Here goes.

Some time ago I registered cloudwalker.nohost.me I had it for about a week or so when I then asked for it to be released as it was no longer required, instead, I registered a new, permanent domain: ihave.nohost.me.

I have added this domain to my server and all went well except I get a DNS warning that shows that the


is not what is expected.

So I ran the yunohost

dyndns update --force

as sudo but the result refers to the cloudwalker.nohost.me domain which was deleted from my server and a release request issued at more or less the same time.

I also did a

sudo yunohost dyndns update

Which reported that no update was needed…

Have I done something wrong…? or is it a manual process and I just have to wait my turn?



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