Misskey - very old version, no update

Is Misskey no longer supported? The current version that can be installed with YunoHost is 12.119.2.

There is now version 2023.12.2, which means that there are over 180 version updates (including beta versions and release candidates) and a year(!) of further development and bug fixing between the YunoHost version and the official version!

Is there any hope that the software will still be updated?

According to the repository, there is a work in progress to upgrade the configuration system.

But no upgrade.

I have no idea of the complexity of packaging Misskey, or if they are breaking upgrades, or specific upgrade order to do, but if files can just be overridden, you can try to create a PR to modify this file with up to date information : https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/misskey_ynh/blob/master/conf/app.src
(not just the link, the sum have to be changed too).

I can help for this if needed, but I have absolutely no knowledge about Misskey.

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Unfortunately, I am not so well informed about the development of Misskey. I have only been working with this software for a few weeks.

I’m afraid that both code bases have changed a lot in the long time, which is not so easy to update via script.

If the previous contributors don’t pick up the project again, I’ll probably have to give up installing it as a YH app and try it out as a Docker container plus redirect app.

Thanks for the tip though.

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