[Misskey] Microblogging platform just like Mastodon

Hello YunoHumans
Misskey enters YunoHost. Misskey is a micro-blogging app just like Mastodon with lots of added features.


  1. Flexible posting functionality: Freely configurable character limit for each individual instance.

  2. Text formatting: Let’s decorate your notes and profile! Formatting via Misskey Flavored Markdown (MFM) is available.

  3. Reactions: Easily express empathy for notes. You can select emojis and send a reaction to a note.

  4. Drive: Save files and share them many times. You can manage attached files with Drive, or upload files to Drive beforehand.

  5. Messaging:Let’s chat.You can chat one-on-one or in a group on a dedicated screen.

  6. Pages: Make a “generator” or write a sentence.

  7. Rooms: Arrange various furniture and make your own room.

  8. Antennas: Search for notes about yourself
    Collect notes that fulfill freely configurable conditions via Antennas.



Hi. Everything works perfectly. But I have some questions that I can’t find the answers to. How can I limit the amount of drive for users? And how to delete accounts in case of spam detection?

I think you have to become admin by running this command inside your Misskey folder.

$ cd /var/www/misskey
$ node built/tools/mark-admin (Username)

According to this doc: https://github.com/syuilo/misskey/blob/develop/docs/manage.en.md

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Thank you, it worked.