Migrate Yunohost from SD to external drive


im running the latest yunohost version on a rpi 4 4gb.

i would like to migrate my installation from a sd to an external usb drive (ssd, hdd, usb-stick, what so ever).

is there a walktrough for this process or any kind of guide or documentation? i didn’t find anything that fits. is it because, it is too simple, or is it, because it’s too hard?

thanks in advance,


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I don’t have any relevant link right now, but as far as I remember after you cloned your SD cart filesystem to the new (external) drive, what you will need to do is to reinstall the boot(loader?) and configure it to boot first on usb drive instead off the SD card (there is an UI that will let you do that during the boot reinstall process).

I hope this might help you in the search for a good tutorial :slight_smile:

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