Migrate to new Server


I want to migrate with the Yunohost Backup System to a new server with more power and space.

Old Server:

  1. Backup all System files (Mail, System Conciguration, User data, hook_data_multimedia, …) and Applications (Moodle, Nextcloud, …).
  2. Download Backup Files to local Computer

New Server:
3. Install Debian (same Version Number as on Old Server)
4. Install Yunohost.

Domain Panel of the Provider
5. Adjust DNS entries for the Domain to point to the New Server.

New Server:
6. Upload Backup Files.
7. Restore System files (Mail, System Conciguration, User data, hook_data_multimedia, …)
8. Restore Applications (Moodle, Nextcloud, …).


  1. Is this a correct way to migrate from one to another Server?
  2. Do I need to recreate the Let’s Encrypt certificates or are they imported with the System Fils Backup?
  3. Is it neccesary to adjust the DNS entries before restoring the Backups Files or can I do this later without problems?

Thanks for helping!


  1. Yes. Steps 1+2 and 7+8 can be merged if you perform a full system backup, but the file may get huge. :wink:
  2. I can’t remember, but anyways you can regenerate them in the new system after restoring the backup.
  3. You can do it later. You may need to access the new server’s webadmin through its IP address meanwhile.
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