Metronome -- enabling prosody community modules

hi yunohost folks,

i am trying to configure metronome for calls and push notifications.

i find i need to enable some prosody community modules (csi, csi_battery_saver, cloud_notify, smacks).

is it possible to download the prosody community modules and simply enable some of them as one would with a non-ynh prosody install?

i tried to do so, but it breaks metronome.

what i did:

  • download the full set of prosody modules as per prosody docs,
  • add “plugin_paths = { “/etc/metronome/prosody-community-modules” }” to metronome.cfg.lua
  • enable “csi” etc in same conf file.

when i do this the logs show so many errors that i’m starting to think that metronome isn’t compatible with these modules…

is there another way to enable the features they provide?

ah, ok so i see that metronome has “mod_push” probably in place of “mod_cloud_notify” and “mod_stream_management” probably in place of “mod_smacks”, but in the metronome modules directories i can’t see anything relating to csi/client state indication, which i think(?) is needed for push to work on ios.

i wonder if any other ynh-ers have succeeding in having push and a/v calls going with metronome and xmpp on ios (snikket or siskin, etc.)?

i would appreciate hearing how you got it working.

& thx to the team for the rad work in general.

it seems what i’m looking for specifically is this csi_battery_saver with this change: Community Modules: revision 19c5bfc3a241: mod_csi_battery_saver: Add Jingle incoming call messages to important, thanks to Wiktor Kwapisiewicz <>, which allows an ios device to wake up and receive a call when it is asleep.

the snikket announcement for the ios app, Snikket Blog | Snikket iOS app now publicly released, notes regarding push notifications:

“Although we expect it to generally work, there are some known compatibility issues currently. Specifically, due to the strict “no background network connections” policy for iOS apps, we have needed to adapt push notification handling slightly differently to what is supported on most XMPP servers today. The extensions we use are openly published by Tigase, and we have made available community modules for Prosody (mod_cloud_notify_encrypted, mod_cloud_notify_priority_tag and mod_cloud_notify_filters), and discussion has begun on moving these extensions over to the XMPP Standards Foundation standards process. We welcome help and contributions towards evolving XMPP’s current push notification support. If you’re interested, reach out!”

if metronome doesn’t support prosody community modules, then i guess push with snikket-ios won’t work on ynh?

i asked @metronome, they say the push modules are already implemented on the server:

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