Metronome administration

Hi everyone !

Is there any way to do some administrative task on metronome. I have some precise task in mind, that are mostly about some kind of “moderation”.

Specifically, I would like to :

  • List all users (I guess they are supposed to be the same as yunohost users, but I would like to check that)
  • List all private chats, be able to delete some
  • List all public channels, be able to delete some
  • Clear former user data : I deleted some yunohost users, but found data concerning their account on my server (in some files in /var/lib/metronome/domainname.tld/ for example).

Sorry for the quite specific requests, but I try to get the knowledge to be able to properly administrate my server !

Thank you for your help :purple_heart:

I tried metronomectl, but it is very limited : the options are : adduser / passwd / deluser / start / stop / restart / reload / about / status / cert