[Menu] An app to create a menu on top of your apps


I have repaired menu_ynh, an app to create a menu on top of your apps.

Note: this app is quite experimental due to the way it adds some command in yunohost cli (it adds the category “menu”). This feature of yunohost is not enough tested i think…

You can use it by adding some menu like this:

yunohost menu create -gpublic -tMenu
yunohost menu additem -p1 -tDate -o5 -l/date/
yunohost menu additem -p1 -tFile -o10 
yunohost menu additem -p2 -tFile1 -o5 -l/file1/
yunohost menu additem -p2 -tFile2 -o10 -l/file2/
yunohost menu additem -p1 -t"Login" -o5 -l/yunohost/sso/ -cright

You can have menu for public (visitors not connected) and member (user connected).

More info here: https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/menu_ynh


I created a pull request to make it install on crrent yunohost: Make installation work on current systems by felagund · Pull Request #4 · YunoHost-Apps/menu_ynh · GitHub

It installs, albeit it finishes with a scary message “The YunoHost API is not responding. Maybe ‘yunohost-api’ is down or got restarted?” that is due to running

systemctl reload nginx
service yunohost-api restart &

at the end of the install script.

However, when I try to run yunohost menu, it gives me an error, so somehow the new commands do not register with Yunohost. Is the app unmaintained or should I report it through github? I know close to nothing about internals of Yunohost so I have no idea what went wrong…

Edit: as per YunoHost 3.7 spooky testing / Call for feedback - #36 by Kayou

some permission system changed and the app has not been updated?

Clearly i don’t maintain this app (and some works will be done to support this features natively).
If you need this feature, you can try to use ARN / Website / arn-nav · GitLab but it’s also an old code.

I see. Is there any ETA or a github issue where I could trace when the feature is going to be ready? It would be awesome if this worked natively.

(as for that app, when I try to install it, the admin interface complains that https://code.ffdn.org/arn/website/arn-nav is wrong)