Membership and payment app

Heya, I am looking to use Yunohost for a small school.

One of the tasks we need to do is to have a member administration that allows people to

  • become member
  • choose how much membership they want to pay

A big thing would be if this app or system can communicate with our bank to check if people did indeed pay for their membership.

Does someone know of such an Open Source app and if it integrates with Yunohost?


Have a look here:
It seems CiviCRM could help you:

Communicating with your bank, I am not sure it is feasible. But you could use one of their payment processor plugins to offer a payment interface (that way you will directly now if a payment has been made).

Edit: definitely check their extensions, there is at least one that seems to match what you want.

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Are you meaning creating a yunohost account, or just registering in some sort of user base ?

I mean that they can fill in a form in which they can leave credentials (name and email) and the amount of money they want to pay.

Account creation on Yunohost will remain a manual job for now…