[MeetingMinute] YunoHost July 7/2016 meeting


Reminder: you can find all our meeting minutes here: http://pv.yunohost.org

Like for the previous meeting, here are the minute of our discussion:

YunoHost Meeting 5 July 2016


  • Moul
  • Bram
  • opi
  • scith
  • galileo (pas de micro)
  • scara
  • ljf

Previous minutes : https://pad.lqdn.fr/p/yunohost-6-2016

Previous TODO

Agenda / Schedule

Build infrastructure

“Testing” will become a rolling release, without version numerotation.
“Stable” stay the main branch, now with semantic versionning

The build scripts are on veganaise and aren’t commited into git.

https://github.com/YunoHost/doc/blob/master/build_system_fr.md .
https://github.com/YunoHost/yunohost-debhelper/blob/master/yunobump.sh needs work to adapt to semantic versionning, only on stable branch

Jerome wants to take this opportunity to redo things cleanly, probably on a brand new server. (currently on ‘veganaise’ server)

Documentation management tool

The tool we use now is not really simple for new contributors, and documentation is hard to maintain. Moreover, it lacks some basic features such as search, media management, …

What would be nice to have for contributors:

  • user can create account
  • preview/wysiwyg or what you are doing (jeckyll and other takes too much time for that)
  • history of modifications
  • image / video / medias
  • localization
  • markdown or wikicode
  • git
  • customisation for app market integration for instance

What would be nice to have for users

  • search
  • localisation

Tools :


  • Website → stay with simone ? purely static html (instead of a full JS website) ?
  • App list –> market app tool


  • Complete the user documentation (change password…)

  • TODO opi is going to look at using Drupal for that (he is a Drupal dev) which could be a really extensible and effective solution for that and for things like app market

Continuous integration (maniack/bram/capslock)


Things are moving on in several directions.

Django Application Template

ljf & Bram would like to document how to create a clean ynh package for any Django application

Package generator

  • Package generator? (generates a package skeleton: manifest, scripts…)

  • online or CLI?

  • Which questions to ask to generate the skeleton?

  • php / python / go / nodejs ?

  • database : mysql / postgresql / mongodb

  • custom unix user for application

  • multinstance

  • manifest arguments

  • Can be easily done in the Drupal

  • It would be cool to have a cli tool

Demo (demo.yunohost.org)

  • Waiting for kload to give back access to YNH demo VM, or contact Web4All to gain access
  • TODO opi writes a prototype of email for web4all and shows it to us
  • double docker containers with haproxy which switch between two VM during VM réinitialization
  • TODO ljf/maniack? create a proof of concept of a demo yunohost system base en LXC
  • Perhaps with Scaleway? https://www.scaleway.com/features/ Snapshot → restore with API TODO scith : test a demo Scaleway machine

Apps (official and community)

TODO Need to define some guidelines on how to create a clean and perfect app package

  • need a custom linux user ?
  • sources are fetched from upstream, or in a submodule ?


  • TODO: ljf discussion around guidelines for packaging applications
  • TODO: opi/scith/ljf discussion around the levels for application packages
  • TODO: bram modify simone and list_builder to handle those levels

Security feed in administration interface

The current way it’s displayed can be confusing for users.

Right now it’s a RSS feed to the forum that is displayed. The only check that is made is if the information is older than 6 month or if you have closed it.

It would be cool to have a custom file (xml/json) that contains better data like debian package version and to handle it in YunoHost to check if the security notice needs to be displayed.

Bram can write a POC if needed.

Push news to administrator? Like security feed

Idea to do that. Should we do it? How to display it?

Notify user about the fact the he needs to update his YunoHost

Old discussion:

  • like Ubuntu display that the server needs to be update on the admin UI
  • send an email? apticron

Document to present YunoHost at a stand (more data than a flyer)

Scara explain that she was in need at a stand about a visual document to present YunoHost, user and admin interface etc…
Something more verbose and visual than an A5 flyer.

TODO: scara do a first prototype and send it to us

Incoming events

TODO: Scara launch discussion regarding having a devroom (with sandstorm/arkOS/nextCloud/CozyCloud?), a stand and talk?

Next meeting

Tuesday 9 August 20h30 UTC+2