[Meeting] November 28, 2017


  • Aleks
  • frju365
  • jibec
  • ljf
  • Maniack C

App helpers: Discussions about a common repo for “experimental helpers”

In order to put in the same place all our “experimantal” helpers, we decided to create a new repository in YunoHost-Apps.
This repository is dedicated to keep somewhere our helpers and allow everyone to follow them and reuse them.
When a helper will be considering stable, it will become a pull request and merge in the YunoHost official helpers.

Core: Our probably soon testing release and stable release ?

A testing will be release as soon as possible.
Because this new testing contains nothing critic, a stable will follow in approximatively 3 days.
Just to have the result of our apps CI for this testing branch (An error with haste happened with the last tests, so we have to retry this branch.)

So, we can expect a stable release in 3 or 4 days.

There’re some current PR not merged after discussions.

Infra: Think about a fallback of our main server, after the break down of sunday

  • Status of the Globenet VM
    Not soon… Could be 1 week or 3 month…

  • Create a VM ARN
    Put a slave dns (for nohost.me et noho.st)
    Setup a fallback for saperlipopette with fallback_ynh app.
    Setup another dynette ?

  • Need to migrate the forum ASAP !
    A new vps will be rent, frju365 is going to take care of this migration.

  • Backup status for bearnaise ?

  • Also mail conf could be improved…

  • Remaining stuff to migrate away from Tartare

    • Maniack C miss “paste”.
      The current haste package have to be checked and tested before deployement. Maniack C take care of that.
    • Move ports.yunohost.org also. There’s already an app for that, yunoports_ynh_core.
    • Alert Weblate on XMPP chan
      We have to check the interface with sendxmpp. There’s maybe an issue with the lxc network, as there was with the apps CI.

Meta/Organization: Discuss about money !!!

Currently we have a few expenses (Most of our servers are loans)
But there’re a multiple little expenses (domain names, etc) which are assumed per contributors, which is nor normal nor safe for long term.

It’s a risk to our long-term sustainability.

Several concerns have been raised:

  • Having a structure with a “president”, may lead to a change of behaviour wich could be uncompatible with our values.
    -> But we believe our behaviors is link to the people and our values, while the risk may exist, nothing should change.

  • Running a structure will be more costly than our current expenses.
    -> This is true, the only thing we can do is to keep our structure as little as possible.

  • What is the reason to create such a structure?
    -> Mainly safety, collect money and assume contracts (server rents, etc.).

Multiple long terms idea may be submitted, but should be kept on the side for now, we would like to set-up the minimum administrative structure, and make it evolve only if needed.

Jean-Baptiste will have a look at existing struture playing an “umbrella” role for little projects: https://archive.fosdem.org/2017/schedule/event/european_legal_entities.
Can it prevent the creation of a local NGO ? (“association loi 1901”)

Jean-Baptiste will also contact people from nosoignons, fedora, perl, openstreetmap, mediawiki-france to know how they decided to create a structure, why and how.

The goal is to find a sustainable solution in the coming months. FOSDEM may be a great time to meet and discuss this (we may have some papers to sign, depending on what we decide to do).

Anyway, as it’s a big decision for YunoHost, the council have to be consulted about this subject.

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