[Meeting] January 16th, 2018

Dear YunoHost contributors,

we will have our next meeting on Tuesday, January 16th 2017 :grinning:. It will be on the usual Mumble server (kload.fr:64738) at 20h30 UTC+2 !

You are welcome to join even if you’re not currently contributing and/or just want to discover and see how things works in the project. :v:

Here is the pad’s link where you can prepare the meeting:

Feel free to add topics and bullet points you would like to be discussed during the meeting !


  • anmol
  • Aleks
  • Bram
  • ljf
  • Moul
  • frju365

Misc news since last time

Infra: Monitoring

  • Todo: Add a delay before to send mail
  • Todo: Add domain expiration test

Core: 2.7.6 release ?

(a few minor things fixed after feedback from the app CI)


  • go for a 1~2 day testing release for meltdown
  • then a stable release
  • go for a testing release for TSIG
  • if everything is fine, stable
  • go for a testing release for nginx headers (mozilla observatory)
  • if everything is fine, stable

Security issue


Next meeting

February 6th, 2018