[Meeting] December 19, 2017


Dear YunoHost contributors,

following the kinda failed meeting of last week :sweat_smile:, we will have our next Yunohost meeting on Tuesday, December 19th 2017. It will be on the usual Mumble server (kload.fr:64738) at 20h30 UTC+2 !

Here is the pad’s link where you can prepare the meeting:

Feel free to add topics and bullet points you would like to be discussed
during the meeting !

(Sorry the link to the pad had a typo ! It’s fixed now)

And we started the meeting :wink:


  • Bram
  • Aleks
  • kitoy
  • Maniack
  • Moul
  • ljf
  • frju365

Misc news since last time

  • Small issues with forum migration :

    • Some people encountering a weird ‘BAD CSRF’ thing
    • (might be related) Some people had to reset their password though they did not change it and are pretty sure they got the right one (through password managers)
    • Server crashed for no reason on Monday morning ?
    • TODO [Aleks] : Add SSH access for the infra team
  • Official app threads on the forum + testing releases ?

    • Several thread been added, one per official app
    • Goal is to make testings more visible and have a standard ‘README’-like thing for apps

Infra: New server from Globenet

  • Email received, we need to explain which kind of setup do we want exactly ?

    • (Stretch or Jessie ? YunoHost or not ?)
  • After discussion, we conclude that the same arch than bearnaise is the best option. Hence we need Ubuntu Xenial and manage LXD inside.

  • Priority should be :

    • Slave for the dynette
    • Backup storages
    • Fallback in case Myris is down for a long time ?

TODO : answer Globenet, ask for a Ubuntu Xenial install. Not sure about the HDD ? Something between 30 and 200 Go depending on what’s available.
TODO : mettre à jour le doc’ qui liste / décrit les différentes machines et services
TODO : regarder pour avoir un backup du forum sur un autre serveur
TODO : Script d’install rapide pour archivist, hors ynh. + Post exec pour les backup (Maniack C)
TODO : c.f. discussion about things to backup on the original meeting pad

Infra: Migrate issue tracker to Github ?

  • Following lots of maintenance / usability issues with Redmine, wondering about alternatives
    • Main issues are : instability (random/periodic crashed), ruby environment, resource overusage, kinda ugly UI :/, and having to constantly synchronize things with PRs, anonymous submission got disabled because of spam.
    • Alternatives should allow automatic sync with PRs, central issue management (for multiple repos), low cost for people willing to open an issue.

Proposal is to :

  • Migrate issues from Redmine to a single Github repo dedicated to issues (proof of concept : https://github.com/yunohost/issues/issues )
  • Develop a page to anonymously open issues for user with no github account.
  • For Infra issues : use the wekan instance ?
  • For Infra documentation currently on redmine : could put it on a private wiki on a yunohost instance
  • Discuss with the Internet Cube team about Internet Cube issues on Redmine

To avoid github centralization, on the mid/long-term, we should migrate later to framagit (the tool is pretty good). But this idea is more complex because our devlopment process is quite binded to github.

Newcomers: What to do on YunoHost ?

kitoy points out that it’s difficult to have a global vision of what there is to do on YunoHost.

Right now we have several pad listing this :

Maybe we sould be able to import a pad in the documentation easily? Like pv.yunohost.org was able to do. Bram can have a look since he had already did this work for pvpads (pv.yunohost.org)

Internet cube: Dedicated category in the forum ?

People from Franciliens asking for a dedicated category in the forum. (ask.labrique.net isn’t really working / buggy / hard to maintain)


  • The forum is working and already has a nice community.
  • Some questions asked by people with an Internet Cube aren’t specific to just Internet Cube but are general YunoHost questions


  • Support was initially meant to be assured by the ISP’s
  • We should make sure that this doesn’t end up with the YunoHost team handling all the Internet Cube support…

Not sure what to answer, would be great to have / organize a meeting with people from different ISP involved in the internet cube to clarify the whole support thing.
TODO : let’s talk about this with ju, adrien, (emile?), (sebian?)

App C.I.: Tartiflette v2

As a christmas present for the app team ;), tartiflette (mainly a dashboard for the app continuous integration) is being reworked with Flask

Demo (forget about the navbar, it’s not implemented) :

Possible improvements : be able to filter officials ?

XMPP stack : follow-up of some discussions about Prosody migration on the support chat

(c.f. matlag’s proposal to use the SàT module)

Moul: I didn’t found time to work on it since then. For now, everything is working fine on the XMPP side. But, from the debian packaging side it’s complicated (conflict metronome package, install directly prosody 0.10 and not 0.9.
Alex: Would it help to build and provide the package ourselves ? (We already do it for metronome, that might be ~easy)

Stretch: status summary

Organization: Boring money stuff

Following some discussions and a mail suggestion by opi, it would be nice (and ~easy) to at least setup a pad/calc to summarize fees (e.g. for VPS, domains) people have.

TODO : setup a pad/calc

  • Maniack fees for his servers?
  • Aleks fees for the forum
  • Bram / JimboJoe for domains ?
  • ???

Brique Camp: Maybe a Brique Camp in Spring !


  • TODO : change yunohost install logs permissions
  • TODO : remove password in app install logs (and on web) : modify hook_exec

Next meeting

January 2nd, 2018, 20h30 UTC+2

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