Mediawiki is abandoned?

is there any chance for this wiki to be officially supported ?

dokuwiki is impossible for multi language projects

Well yup, it is unmaintained for now … - basically no update of the app since August 2015 :confused:

I too prefer Mediawiki over Dokuwiki …

It would be a nice app to renovate for anyone willing to discover yunohost app packaging :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Ioan, @Aleks,

I tried to package mediawiki and made a pull request and I am waiting for a feedback from the apps team to make sure that everything is ok. I can try to maintain it if the apps team agree (I am still a beginner with yunohost)

you can try it (at your own risks…), you will need the following url to install it

do not hesitate to give me some feedback, right now you should be able to install/remove/upgrade/change-url. LDAP/SSO is not supported yet.


the pull request has been accepted and is now avalaible in the community list


@toitoinebzh i will wait until get official support to make sure it wont be abandoned again… until then i keep using dokuwiki :slightly_frowning_face:

That won’t happen. In fact, we are currently rethinking the whole “official app” thing because that doesn’t work. Having official apps which are “supposed to be maintain” is complicated because not everybody wants to keep maintaining apps forever and it’s never really clear who is supposed to do this work.

Anyway, I personnaly don’t think that having an app as official makes should make such a difference compared to : the app being level 7 + having a “good reputation” and overall good integration with yunohost. In the case of Mediawiki, the app was just revived a few days/week ago so it might not be clear if the app is well integretated or has known issue. But anyway, that’s my 2 cents :stuck_out_tongue:

then the whole donation system need to be reworked and put on liberapay the apps and allow donation for a specific apps to get maintenance


Oooh it would be great if you could determine which part of a regular donation goes into maintaining which apps. Like when you buy games from humble bundle and you can adjust the split.

I’m maintaining MediaWiki now :+1:

Please see [Community app] MediaWiki, free software wiki package (Wikipedia).