Mdadm in kernel

Hello, my first post here, nice to meet you

I see that yunohost’s kernel doesn’t have mdadm activated: is there any precompiled kernel with mdadm on? I would rather avoid to compile kernel myself … XD

Thanks in advance!

YunoHost doesn’t have or own a “kernel”, Yunohost is just an additional layer on top of your base Linux+Debian system.

I installed Yunohost STD, not on top of other Linux… so the kernel is the standard Debian kernel for arm stable?

It surprise me that mdadm is not activated

You are on rpi or on an other armboard (images are not build in the sameway) ?

With which commands do you conclude mdadm is not loaded in default kernel ?

Yes, I’m on a RPi4 and I had this error when I tried to build the array:

`modprobe: FATAL: Module md_mod not found in directory /lib/modules`

Now it’s compiling kernel 4.9 with Multiple devices driver support (RAID and LVM) set

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