[Matterbridge] Bridge between chat protocols

Matterbridge for YunoHost

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Matterbridge is a bridge between a series of chat protocols and offers a REST-API. Supported protocols are among others IRC, XMPP, Gitter, Mattermost, Slack, Discord, Telegram, Rocket.Chat, Hipchat(via xmpp), Matrix, Steam, ssh-chat and Zulip.

Shipped version: 1.21.0




Just to be sure to understand, there is no need for a Mattermost to be installed or used ?
Can this be used for example as a blidge betweet Matrix and Telegram ?

There are many possible bridges. The trickiest bit is to set the configuration right…
the default config for the package is a IRC / Mattermost bridge but there is more : see matterbridge.toml.example

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We plan to talk about how to interoperate Matrix and XMPP tomorrow Wednesday 24/02 at 19H30 on mumble.april.org terrasse Est.

How would an approach based on Yunohost, synapse_ynh and matterbridge_ynh look like?
I still don’t really get how matterbridge works in comparison to pupetting relaybot bridges such as mautrix_whatsapp_ynh

This could be a CHATONS project.