Matrix-synapse upgrade failed and can't revert

My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : SSH/webmin
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : I honestly don’t recall
If yes, please explain: The system status says the mydomain.tld.conf file was manually modified but I don’t recall doing so

Description of my issue

I noticed today that matrix-synapse is off the “broken” list so I tried to upgrade it. The upgrade failed and I also received a notice that the automatic attempt to revert to a working version had also failed. As of now we have no working synapse on the server.

Here’s the yunopaste of the upgrade log:

Can anyone offer assistance?

I only had to restart the synapse service under services.
Maybe this is a starting-point

yunohost.utils.error.YunohostValidationError: This URL is either unavailable, or conflicts with the already installed app(s):

  • maindomain.tld/ → Mastodon (mastodon)

You could try to backup Mastodon → Uninstall it → Install Synapse → Restore Mastodon from backup

Synapse is no longer listed as a service since it’s effectively uninstalled.

You should still have the backup for your matrix synapse labelled as something like “pre-upgrade” in your backups folder. You can try modifying the archive and then restoring from that

That might be that documented issue : recent updates fails because some Matrix dependencies has been updated, but is no longer compatible. A fix is planned if I understood well, but in the midtime…

That problem has been fixed with the latest release. You might have to follow this specific comment: AttributeError: module 'jinja2' has no attribute 'Markup' · Issue #304 · YunoHost-Apps/synapse_ynh · GitHub

Unfortunately, the update of synapse crashed my matrix installation too. Is there a way to bring it up again? :cold_sweat:

Which one ? (which Yunohost one or Synapse new version ?)

Since the failed update of the synapse, I also failed to re-install it again. Did anybody has any advice for me? It wasn’t even possible to switch the app to another sub-domain.

I was able to solve this problem, I had configured something wrong.

I’m also getting this issue (logs: ).
What did you configure incorrectly, @p1ng0ut ? I’m wondering if there’s something I might have similarly misconfigured, or if there’s something I should try to fix this?

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In the place for the sub-domain under which the server runs, I have not entered the sub-domain, but the desired matrix handle of the administrator. By carefully reading the error log, I noticed this error in the end. In the end, I completely reinstalled Synapse after the failed update.

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Please excuse the late reply. A new installation is not always what one wants, precisely because communication is also lost. In my case it was not so bad because I am the only user of the node.

Thank you for fixing the bug reported here. I could not do so much with the above thread, with the underlying error description, unfortunately, but the update has fixed mastodon again, which was available through the normal channel a few days ago. :heart:

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