Matrix Synapse not available anymore?

Hi all,

First of all, reiteration of my thanks for Yunohost and for being such a nice community :slight_smile:

TL;DR: what’s up with Matrix Synapse? It stopped working (on Yunohost), now it is not available anymore (via App installs).

Longer version: a Yunohost was upgraded from 3 to 4, and got a different IPv4 . Matrix was not used for a while, and when trying to connect, it was not reachable.
The matrix-synapse service could not be started. I upgraded all packages that were available for upgrade, and tried again without succes.

Via the forum I found the solution on Github, forced upgrading to the same version, to regenerate the Python environment.

The upgrade ran wrong, and the backup did not restore a not working matrix-synapse service.

# systemctl start matrix-synapse.service 
Failed to start matrix-synapse.service: Unit matrix-synapse.service not found.

Next try was to install matrix anew, as it did not turn up in the installed apps list anymore.

Now I can’t find Matrix Synapse in the list of installable apps either! I just installed it on a Yunohost one or two months ago. The description on Github does not mention the app being removed, and though there are some threads on the forum, I did not find mention of removal from Yunohost.

Any idea?

Yes, the app sponaneously broke because of something related to pip (the python package manager) and rust compiler … This was detected by our automatic test. (c.f. YunoRunner for CI for example). So it’s just not available to installation because the installation will fail anyway. Somebody has to look into it and fix it.

What a shame!

Thanks for the quick reply. In case of upstream fixes, will CI heal the package by itself?

Edit: it is quite nice that the whole chain is integrated to this level!

Re-running the tests is easy yes, but when I was saying “somebody has to look into it” i meant probably “us”, the yunohost packaging team

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(And in case that’s of any interest, the same issue about “rust compiler” stuff also broke searx and calibreweb to some extent, and maybe some other apps)

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Do I understand correctly that a change (upstream) in the rust compiler makes it necessary to review and change the installer logic for Yunohost-apps? Or, is it now ‘broken’ and before you can say anything about it,

to say what the trouble is anyway?

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