? many yunohost-VM-server with same domain ? (we are moving our server to other VM)

Dear experts,
we are about to move our civicrm-server to another VirtualMachine(s).

To be able to switch the domain-routing easyly it would be nice to be able to setup two (ore more Test-server VMs) using the same domain-name.
We are using drupal7_civicrm…

Is there a possible solution esp. considering the letsencrypt-key-files… ???

i am a newbe with yunohost :wink:

best regards

The only way to have several servers using the same domain name:
Considering you have a first server working on drupal.mydomain.net with IP X.X.X.X
Install a second Yunohost server with IP Y.Y.Y.Y
Change the A DNS records for drupal.mydomain.net to go to Y.Y.Y.Y (wait few minutes or hours to let change made publicly)
Add the domain drupal.mydomain.net to the second server and a let’s encrypt certificate
You can change back the A DNS records for drupal.mydomain.net to go to Y.Y.Y.Y (wait few minutes or hours to let change made publicly)

At that point each server think it own drupal.mydomain.net
you can reach the first server(X.X.X.X) as usually
to reach the second server, you need to add an host drupal.mydomain.net with the IP of the second server (Y.Y.Y.Y) in the host file of your computer, PS: doing that when going at https://drupal.mydomain.net you go to Y.Y.Y.Y, all public people continue to go to X.X.X.X

It’s a bit tricky if you are a newbie.

Hi yalh76,
thank You so much for your quick and exentensive answer.
I’ll follow this path :wink:

The remaining question is:
What will be the reaction of letsencrypt if there are several update requests for the same domain from different servers (IP-addresses) ?
Do You expect problems or does letsencrypt not check the source of the update-requests ?

thx in advance & best regards

Wouldn’t it be easier to set up test1.mydomain.net and test2.mydomain.net with their own dns-records and then, when ready to switch, tell yunohost to change the url? For example from the install on test1.mydomain.net to use drupal.mydomain.net?

Tanks mbro for Your suggestion :wink:
Yes, ist would be the simpler solution.
Unfortunately we have to keep the old servers running for some month because there are a bunch of mails out containing a optOut-link refering to these domains…
=> no simple solution :wink:
best regards

For let’s encrypt, there a maximum request by domain => Limites d'utilisation - Let's Encrypt - Certificats SSL/TLS gratuits
But having a request from another IP seems OK

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