Managing YNH user accounts based on subscription status in association mgt app

I’m trying to figure out whether this is a standard use case, for deploying YNH in the context of an association, or small enterprise, where one uses an association membership management app (tracking subscription fees, HR or contact info, etc.), and accounts are given to members of the structure.

I’d typically think of Galette or Garradin.

I suppose these can be made the source of LDAP provisioning for accounts and groups creation, etc.

Is there any standard YNH integration, or any relevant docs for such a use case (I think a regular common one in the CHATONS world ?)

Thx in advance.

We are aware of the need for such membership management features, unfortunately they are not integrated yet. Current state for mass user management is the import of a CSV files to batch-create users. There was at some point a unofficial PHP class for subscription, but it is most likely veeeery outdated now.

Issue to follow: Allow users to self-register (or with invitation link) · Issue #1677 · YunoHost/issues · GitHub
Related PRs:

Contributions are welcome.


Meanwhile, as I have replied here : Sign-up form / app for my users - #19 by Limezy your best chance is probably to use a “no-code” automation tool such as the n8n app to build a kind of automated bridge between your user management app and Yunohost. A simple script triggered by a cron job could also do the trick maybe ?

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