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I just installed Yunohost on a Raspberry Pi 4 and it’s working great. But after installing pi-hole I went to install another application (Wiki.js) and it requires a new domain. Since I’m using though, it won’t let me create another domain and it also does not seem to want to let me create a subdomain (I suppose since I’m already using a subdomain).

Edit: It turns out this issue is only for wiki.js which requires a subdomain. Other apps seem to be fine installed in a folder.

What’s the best way to proceed to get a new domain for additional applications?

Thanks in advance!

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 2gb
YunoHost version: Latest stable
I have access to my server : Access through browser at yunohost.local
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

If you have created (it’s an example) you can add subdomain of subdomain: (via add a domain)

So simple. Thanks!

Sorry, one more question.

When I go to add a domain, there are two options. “I don’t have a domain” leads me to create another * domain, and the “I already have a domain” option doesn’t allow me to create a subdomain if I select

How should I proceed on the add a domain page? Thanks again!

For the first * domain choose “I don’t have a domain” , and next to create a subdomain of this subdomain choose “I already have a domain”.


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