Make app (Searx) accessible via domain and hidden service?


Hello Forum,

I have installed Searx which works fine with the domain
Now I have set up a Tor Hiddenservice on my Yunohost according to this tutorial Using YunoHost as a Tor Hidden Service | Yunohost Documentation. How can I configure Searx to be reachable via AND via xyz.onion address?
Is this possible?

Greetings :slight_smile:


In YunoHost, webapps reachability is managed by Nginx.
The basic way to do what you’re asking is to copy the Nginx configuration for Searx:

cp /etc/nginx/conf.d/ /etc/nginx/conf.d/xyz.onion.d/
nginx -t
yunohost service reload nginx # Do this only if "nginx -t" don't output an error

YunoHost is currently not made with Onion services in mind, and so it will try to redirect http://xyz.onion to https://xyz.onion with a self-signed certificate, despite the communication encryption included in the Onion system. To avoid this you may want to disable HTTP to HTTPS redirections in /etc/nginx/conf.d/xyz.onion.d/searx.conf and /etc/nginx/conf.d/xyz.onion.conf.

Be aware that these are advanced system modifications not supported by YunoHost, and that:

  • They are not meant to make your server anonymous.
  • The YunoHost diagnosis will trigger warnings if you modify /etc/nginx/conf.d/xyz.onion.conf.
  • Searx package upgrade will only update /etc/nginx/conf.d/, not /etc/nginx/conf.d/xyz.onion.d/searx.conf.

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