[Lychee] Photo server (v5) shows no photos, and jobs queue is stuck

I migrated my Lychee photo server from v4 to v5. I can log in but the album structure exists as empty frames, and all the photos are blank, just spaces for each one. The other strange thing (which might be related) is that there is a jobs queue with 845 jobs that never advances.

I’d be grateful for any help. More info is below

Lychee diagnostics

        Warning: zend.assertions is disabled although Lychee is in debug mode. For easier debugging code generation for assertions should be enabled.
        Warning: Default timezone not properly set; you might experience strange results when importing photos without explicit EXIF timezone
        Error: /hom**************************.git (and subdirectories) are not executable, check the permissions
         Foreign key: access_permissions.user_id     → users.id             : CASCADE
         Foreign key: albums.id                      → base_albums.id       : NO ACTION
         Foreign key: base_albums.owner_id           → users.id             : NO ACTION
         Foreign key: jobs_history.owner_id          → users.id             : NO ACTION
         Foreign key: oauth_credentials.user_id      → users.id             : CASCADE
         Foreign key: photos.album_id                → albums.id            : NO ACTION
         Foreign key: photos.owner_id                → users.id             : NO ACTION
         Foreign key: size_variants.photo_id         → photos.id            : NO ACTION
         Foreign key: sym_links.size_variant_id      → size_variants.id     : NO ACTION
         Foreign key: tag_albums.id                  → base_albums.id       : NO ACTION
        Info: Found 24 small that could be generated.
              You can use `php artisan lychee:generate_thumbs small 24` to generate them.
        Info: Found 823 medium that could be generated.
              You can use `php artisan lychee:generate_thumbs medium 823` to generate them.
        Info: Found 47583 small images without filesizes.
              You can use `php artisan lychee:variant_filesize 47583` to compute them.
    System Information
        Lychee Version (git):                    master (02e5a20) -- Could not compare.
        DB Version:                              5.1.2
        composer install:                        --no-dev
        APP_ENV:                                 development
        APP_DEBUG:                               true
        APP_URL:                                 set
        APP_DIR:                                 default
        LOG_VIEWER_ENABLED:                      true
        LIVEWIRE_ENABLED:                        true
        System:                                  Linux
        PHP Version:                             8.3.6
        PHP User agent:                          Lychee/4 (https://lycheeorg.github.io/)
        Timezone:                                UTC
        Max uploaded file size:                  1000M
        Max post size:                           1000M
        Livewire chunk size:                     12.00 MB
        Max execution time:                      2000
        SQLite Version:                          3.37.2
        exec() Available:                        yes
        Imagick Available:                       1
        Imagick Enabled:                         1
        Imagick Version:                         1691
        GD Version:                              2.3.3
        Number of foreign key:                   10 found.
    Config Information
        version:                                 050102
        check_for_updates:                       1
        sorting_photos_col:                      title
        sorting_photos_order:                    ASC
        sorting_albums_col:                      title
        sorting_albums_order:                    DESC
        imagick:                                 1
        skip_duplicates:                         1
        small_max_width:                         0
        small_max_height:                        360
        medium_max_width:                        1920
        medium_max_height:                       1080
        lang:                                    en
        image_overlay_type:                      desc
        default_license:                         none
        compression_quality:                     90
        grants_full_photo_access:                1
        delete_imported:                         0
        mod_frame_enabled:                       1
        mod_frame_refresh:                       30
        thumb_2x:                                1
        small_2x:                                1
        medium_2x:                               1
        landing_page_enable:                     0
        landing_background:                      dist/cat.webp
        site_title:                              Photos
        footer_show_copyright:                   0
        site_copyright_begin:                    1930
        site_copyright_end:                      1931
        footer_show_social_media:                0
        search_public:                           0
        SL_enable:                               0
        SL_for_admin:                            0
        recent_age:                              1
        grants_download:                         1
        photos_wraparound:                       1
        map_display:                             1
        zip64:                                   1
        map_display_public:                      0
        map_provider:                            Wikimedia
        force_32bit_ids:                         0
        map_include_subalbums:                   1
        update_check_every_days:                 100
        has_exiftool:                            0
        share_button_visible:                    1
        import_via_symlink:                      0
        has_ffmpeg:                              1
        location_decoding:                       1
        location_decoding_timeout:               30
        location_show:                           1
        location_show_public:                    0
        rss_enable:                              0
        rss_recent_days:                         7
        rss_max_items:                           100
        prefer_available_xmp_metadata:           0
        editor_enabled:                          1
        lossless_optimization:                   0
        swipe_tolerance_x:                       150
        swipe_tolerance_y:                       250
        local_takestamp_video_formats:           .avi|.mov
        log_max_num_line:                        1000
        unlock_password_photos_with_url_param:   0
        nsfw_visible:                            1
        nsfw_blur:                               0
        nsfw_warning:                            0
        nsfw_warning_admin:                      0
        map_display_direction:                   1
        album_subtitle_type:                     oldstyle
        upload_processing_limit:                 4
        new_photos_notification:                 0
        legacy_id_redirection:                   1
        zip_deflate_level:                       6
        SA_enabled:                              1
        default_album_protection:                1
        album_decoration:                        layers
        album_decoration_orientation:            row
        allow_username_change:                   1
        auto_fix_orientation:                    1
        use_job_queues:                          0
        random_album_id:                         starred
        use_last_modified_date_when_no_exif_date: 0
        ffmpeg_path:                             /usr/bin/ffmpeg
        ffprobe_path:                            /usr/bin/ffprobe
        layout:                                  justified
        date_format_photo_thumb:                 M j, Y, g:i:s A e
        date_format_photo_overlay:               M j, Y, g:i:s A e
        date_format_sidebar_uploaded:            M j, Y, g:i:s A e
        date_format_sidebar_taken_at:            M j, Y, g:i:s A e
        date_format_hero_min_max:                F Y
        date_format_hero_created_at:             M j, Y, g:i:s A T
        date_format_album_thumb:                 M Y
        upload_chunk_size:                       0
        nsfw_banner_blur_backdrop:               0
        search_pagination_limit:                 1000
        search_minimum_length_required:          4
        photo_layout_justified_row_height:       320
        photo_layout_masonry_column_width:       300
        photo_layout_grid_column_width:          250
        photo_layout_square_column_width:        200
        photo_layout_gap:                        12
        display_thumb_album_overlay:             always
        display_thumb_photo_overlay:             hover
        default_album_thumb_aspect_ratio:        1/1
        use_album_compact_header:                0
        login_button_position:                   left
        back_button_enabled:                     0
        back_button_text:                        Return to Home
        back_button_url:                         /
        current_job_processing_visible:          1

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