Lychee 400 BadRequestHeaderException Invalid token


My YunoHost server

Hardware: Old computer
Système d’exploitation: Linux 5.10.0-21-amd64 x86_64

CPU : Intel(R) Core™ i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz (4 cores)
RAM : 15.46 GB
YunoHost version: yunohost YunoHost (stable)

I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin | direct access via keyboard / screen | all three are possible
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : yes

If yes, please explain: I install 6 HD :

  • sda ext4 / size : 102.76 GB /Used : 17%
  • sdb ext4 / size : 2.51 TB / Used : 61%
  • sdc ext4 / size : 8.57 TB / Used : 84%
  • sdf ext4 / size : 3.40 TB / Used : 75%
  • sde ext4 / size : 8.57 TB / Used : 30%
  • sdd ext4 / size : 2.55 TB / Used : 15%

i perform some tuning to change the path of /var/www
and same for /home i follow this guide
sorry it’s the french version but same in english i guess…

If your request is related to an app, specify its name and version:

lychee Version installée : 4.7.0~ynh1

Description of my issue

same as and here also

To get help efficiently, please explain what you are trying to achieve,

I’m managing a huge amount of photo more than 800.000 and about 70.000 videos.
So i’m always testing tools to put hashtags, and so…

I install Lychee it was working,
and i make update on php from 8.0, to 8.1 because of nextcloud to upgrade…
I successfully upgrade nextcloud but i need to uninstall the old version to make the new one work.
After that it was impossible to run lychee. Something is broken. I try some change in php-fpm and so but no luck…

Log of the last install:

During install there was a mysql warning and i restart maria db as explain here :

My YunoHost server

Matériel: Freebox delta.
Version de YunoHost: 11.1.7
J’ai accès à mon serveur : En SSH | Par la webadmin | En direct avec un clavier/écran | …
Êtes-vous dans un contexte particulier ou avez-vous effectué des modifications particulières sur votre instance ? : non
L’architecture du serveur est kvm arm64

Hello, I have the same problem after updating Lychee to 4.7 ynh1.
Today I tried to access Lychee through a pc I never use and it works.
And when I use Lychee with Firefox private browsing it works too.
I don’t know anything about it, but maybe it’s a browser cache problem?.

Bonjour, j’ai le même problème suite à la mise à jour de Lychee vers 4.7 ynh1.
Aujourd’hui, j’ai essayé d’accèder à Lychee via un pc que je n’utilise jamais et cela fonctionne.
Et lorsque je j’utilise Lychee avec la navigation privé de Firefox cela fonctionne aussi.
Je n’y connais rien, mais cela vient peut-être d’un problème de cache du navigateur ?.

Hello, i try your tricks but no luck… It don’t work…

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