Lost Network Connection


since about 3 days I’m having the problem, that my Network Connection of Yunohost get lost.
Can you help me to analyze my logs. I have not enough knowledge to help myself.
At the moment my workaround is to restart the PC on wich yunohost is installed. But that cant be the solution.

When the connection of yunohost gets lost, ssh as well as html does not work. It does not work on IP and Domain-Name

At the Moment Yunohost is living on a Intel NUC i3 with 8GB Ram

Maybe somebody can help me. First thing to know for me is which Logfile I should post.

Ps: sorry for my worse english



@tetam i have also an issue like yours but in my case i can connect to my server via IP but can’t reach to the server via the domain. If i make a restart of the “yunohost-firewall” i can reach the server for some minutes to 3 - 5 hours and then it becomes dead over the domain. the log of the restart of the firewall is → hastebin

maybe this is the same or a similar issue who causes the unavailability.

thanks in advance


Hello again,

my problem is now solved.
I installed a few days ago a nextcloud app called Recognize, and this App tooks to much CPU time. Because I only have a older i3 the PC freezes, while Recognize was scanning my Library.

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