Lost /home to a failed drive, what now?

Hi everyone !

TL ; DR : I lost the whole content of my /home. I made my peace with losing the data that was there. Is there anyway to rebuild what is needed for the server without a complete reinstall ?

Last week was a learning week for me : I was building a true backup politic because I knew I didn’t do things properly, and I am beginning to really use my server. But guess what, the same week, I had a hard drive failure. I have my system on another hard drive that is fine, but my /home was on the dead one.

What is the best thing to do now ? Do I just mount a new drive and mount it to /home ? Isn’t there data used by some programs that were lost ?

P.S : Since then, I can’t seem to run fail2ban, that fails on startup and whenever I try to restart it. Even If I changed the default SSH port, the diagnostic page is warning me about a “suspiciously high number” of authentification failure. Should I just disconnect my server for now ?

Thank you for reading !

You can simply disable password connection on ssh (create a key before with user you use for SSH).
If F2B does not work, diable the webmin too.

Is it a local server ?

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No home folder → no ssh key

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