Looking for suggestions on Fediverse app for a single user instance on home server

Just wondering. I’m wanting to host my own Fediverse app here on the home server. I would be the only one on it. What would be the easiest one for me to maintain but still be able to import my current Friendica profile?
Do they all have the ability to connect to Twitter such as Friendica and Mastodon?
Just need some suggestions.

Heya o/
Mastodon for single-user instance is totally fine, as long as the heavy side doesn’t bother you. It can fit in a recent raspberry pi tho’
If you don’t have enough server to run Mastodon, or spending this much ressources bother you, maybe give a try at Pleroma.
I don’t know much about the ability to connect with Twitter, but Mastodon and Pleroma share partially the same API so most third party apps are compatible.

Awesome. Thank you.
Think I’ll take a look at Pleroma. Thats seems to be the one side of the Fediverse I havent ever looked at, lol.

If I install it on a subdomain of a domain I already have on my yunohost do I still need to set up all of the other dns stuff with that subdomain? ie all the SRV, pubsub, dmarc, etc

For domains other than your main one, you probably want to disable some features (XMPP, mail…) onto the domain config panel. This will prevent YunoHost from suggesting useless DNS records.

GoToSocial is lighter than Mastodon, although it’s still under development and doesn’t pack all the Mastodon bells and whistles yet. The GTS package for YunoHost gets updated as soon as there is a new release (thanks!), which is a big plus for me. I switched from Mastodon to GTS 6 months ago and I don’t regret it.


Thank you. I’ll probably install that and check that out today.

Good tips! Thank you!